Updated on 2018-04-19.

gambi_abo is all about fostering a free and radical do-it-yourself culture. It is a free project: the different GambiCon designs, instructions for construction, diagrams, and images are meant to be as open as possible for remix and use.

If you feel like extending them or making your own GambiCons, feel free to do it! There’s no need for attribution. In terms of licensing, I’ve opted for releasing the project with a CC-BY-SA license. This license leaves basically all uses of the project open while also protecting derivative works from being “closed-up”. Let’s keep cardboard contraptions open!

So, a summary:

  • It’s cool to remix and recreate GambiCons!
  • No need to give credit to me or to gambi_abo in any way.
  • If you create a controller-contraption based specifically in the designs on gambi_abo, keep this derivative work open too. This means using CC-BY-SA or a compatible license for your work.

Creative Commons Licence